Thursday, December 19, 2013

Six Truths: Fifty Sonnets

Tom Begich's first stab at publication.

 Beautiful words can be fierce when they cut close to the heart.
 Illustrated by Fred Jenkins with cover art by Kesey Pollock.

"I adore this book... The lines don't flinch, they don't offer easy resolution, but struggle instead to uncover that dwindling quality earned through sacrifice and loss - truth."  K.P. Liles, author of "Singing Back the Darkness" and "Spring Hunger"

More than his written words, which had an honest that cut to the heart of the matter and left one lingering in what what was and what might have been - Tom shared some great music with us.  His songs, true to his poetry, cross between the smoky worlds of jazz and blues.

Click here to purchase Tom Begich's music and poetry.

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